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27.82 kg/m2

for a size of 162 cm and weight of 73 kg

BMI table

BMIBody weightCategory
below 16Strong underweightUnderweight
16 to 17Moderate underweight
17 to 18,5Slight underweight
18,5 to 25Normal weightNormal weight
25 to 30Pre-obeseOverweight
30 to 35Class I obesityObesity
35 to 40Class II obesity
above 40Class III obesity

The Body Mass Index should be understood as rough indicator. It should not be considered as a basis for medical and health related decisions.

The composition of body fat and muscle mass is different for each person. This depends on gender, predisposition, ethnicity, fitness level and other factors. That means, for a person with high muscle mass, a slightly higher BMI can be considered normal while the same BMI might be seen as slight overweight for another person.

In case of any doubt it is adviced to consult a doctor or dietitian.